8 November 2017
' Judging panel announced '
22 November 2017
' MEP Host announced '
10 December 2017
' Nominations Closed '
31 January 2018
' Shortlist Announced '
5 February 2018
' Judges Deliberation Day '
21 March 2018
' Award Ceremony '

Accountancy Europe

The Economic and Monetary Affairs Award

Who are we?

Accountancy Europe unites 50 professional organisations from 37 countries that represent 1 million professional accountants, auditors and advisors. Accountancy Europe is in the EU Transparency Register (No 4713568401-18).

What do we do?

Professional accountants make numbers work for people. As Accountancy Europe, we translate their daily experience to inform the public policy debate in Europe and beyond.

We do this in the areas in which our profession can contribute most, namely:



Good decisions start with reliable information. Professional accountants provide trust,
integrity and transparency to decision-makers in both the public 
and private sectors.
As professional bodies, our Members ensure the high 
quality of the work of professional accountants and their ethical behaviour.


To learn more, visit us at www.accountancyeurope.eu or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.